Dear President Macron, it’s time to let go your outdated African policies!

Photo: Macron and Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (19 May 2017) — @StephanieT4901

France controls francophone African economies after more than 50 years of independence

Graphic: CFA-franc zone — Banque de France

The beneficiaries are France, French companies and the African elite

“Françafrique builds relations that rely on close personal connections woven between the French leadership (the president and his close aides) and individual African leaders who depended on French assistance and security forces. […] Françafrique has operated in secrecy. […] Its goal, consistent from 1960 to 2013, has been to promote and protect French interests in Africa, by all means necessary.”

Commercial benefits for French companies …

… and the African elite

The price is paid by the franc-zone citizens

The monetary system denies citizens’ democratic rights and participation

Times are changing: citizens demand change

Institutional change

EU-citizens must know before they can help to accelerate change…

…and explain their leaders



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