Haiti paid €20 billion euros to France to prevent re-colonialization

1803 — Haiti was the first free ‘black’ state in a colonised world. After an army of ex-slaves defeated Napoleon’s army — that was said to be the strongest army at the time.

France — supported with USA’s money and arms — did everything to recolonize the country and its sugar cane plantations. As a result of this constant threat, Haiti agreed with the French deal: they would have to pay 150 million francs — yearly — in exchange for France leaving Haiti in peace.

Haiti paid for 122 years, until 1947. The total amount paid to France equals between €17 and €22 billion euros (at some point the fee was reduced to 90 million francs).

Today, activists in historical clothes from the Haitian Revolution show up at demonstrations (see picture). They want to bring back the memory of strong and powerful Haitians, against the corrupt politicians of these days.

Source: Hoe Haïti’s bevrijders herleven (NRC 19/11/2018)

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